Why Counselling ?

To find out how counselling can help you contact me and arrange a complimentary 20 minute session.

Below are just some of the ways that counselling can help you:

Someone who will REALLY listen

A counsellor will truly listen to you and try to see your issues from YOUR perspective. If you think about it this rarely happens in life as knowingly or unknowingly people have their own agendas.

During our sessions I will focus on you ,what you are telling me and be mindful of your body language and vocal tone. I will remain neutral and non judgemental. I won’t try to influence you or advise you, but I will be at your side helping you to work through what is troubling you.

‘Unpacking’ sorting and ordering thoughts

During difficult times our thoughts and feelings can become disordered ,muddled and confusing.

I will use different techniques to help you to unpack your thoughts, so that we can see what is really going on for you.We will find links and patterns which will help us to further understand and we will search for a suitable pathway out of the confusion.

I will also help you to identify unhelpful ways of thinking that may be holding you back or causing you to doubt yourself.

Be your true self

How often in life do we get to be our ‘true selves’? How many of us actually live as our true selves or do we just try to ‘fit in’ by taking on different roles that we feel are appropriate to ‘get us through’?

I will work with you to find the person that you really are. There is no need to put on a front, act tough or be brave with your counsellor, if tears come then that is fine too. By moving closer to your real self you will begin to make choices and decisions that are good for you.


‘Feeling anxious ‘ is a normal response to certain situations. Unfortunately anxiety can start to kick in where it is not wanted or needed and can quicky become a hinderance affecting how we live our lives.

As a integrative counsellor I can work with you in different ways to understand your anxiety and decrease its effects on your day to day life.

Issues that I can help with:

  • bereavement or loss (including pet bereavement)
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression
  • low confidence
  • gender related issues
  • marriage issues
  • family issues
  • simply feeling ‘not ok’

Book a 20 minute exploration session

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